2 new videos of me added

2 videos of me taking a shower was just added, these had not been posted and a member wanted to see them so I figured I would post them for all. one is from when I was 19 and had small breasts, the other when my breasts were bigger

boyfriend boyfriend


All sites should now have SSL (secure socket layer) on their site to encrypt anything you do on the site. If you do not see the padlock in the address bar then dont put any of your information into that site. My site and email server are all encrypted for your protection

New Homemade Video

There is also a new must see home made video. This was filmed by the husband, he watches his friend do his wife then after he shoots inside of her, the hubby goes down and eats her out including licking the spunk out of her! Make sure you have your audio up, its worth hearing, especially when she squats on his face so that it all leaks out of her and he says “man that’s alot of come!!! You can see it dripping into his mouth!! She is lucky, I have never had a guy want to do that, that would be such a turn on to have 2 guys like that.

boyfriend boyfriend